Smart parking sensor.
The Parkdroid parking sensor is a quick brown fox with submersive and surface mount option, precision detection.
For municipalities
Parkdroid creates a valuable database of traffic data. Use this data to make smarter city planning decisions and continuously improve the economic and ecological wellbeeing of your city.
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Accessible parking
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • A step towards Smart City
For business
Information is power, and data is revenue. Use Parkdroid data to guide drivers to the free parking places faster, reducing frustration and keeping your parking lot running at maximum efficiency.
  • Detailed parking occupancy analytics
  • Save valuable time for your customers
  • Increased parking lot fulfillment
  • Unauthorized parking detection
For parking management
Get full control over planning improvements. With the unique set of data, freely selectable at the time frames of your choice, Parkdroid helps you implement smart parking projects in the future.
  • Identify overstays and illegal parking
  • Gain advantage over competitors
  • Easy integration with guidance signs, apps, and web
  • Effortless connection to payment systems
With Parkdroid, less time is wasted on parking, improving air quality and saving the environment.
Less time spent looking for parking
Less parking-related vehicle miles traveled
Less traffic volume when increasing parking availability
Dual detection technology
Parkdroid leaves no place for mistakes. Our technology ensures 99% accuracy in all types of parking facilities and infrastructure.
Integrations with 3rd party apps
Enjoy simplified parking management and in-depth insights – easily transfer the data acquired using Parkdroid to Smart City systems and apps.
Long-lasting lithium battery
Experience 7+ years of battery life with 30 status changes each day.
Resistance to water
The sensor is water-resistant (IP65) and can easily be used in rain, snow, and slush.
Robust enclosure for extra protection
Parkdroid's polycarbonate body comes with a sun-protecting coating, making sure the sensor works in the harshest environmental conditions.
LoRaWAN or NB-IoT communication
Receive real-time parking occupancy data and use it to guide drivers to the nearest free parking place.
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