We ease parking pains.
Parking, if you think about it, is a problem of city space and planning.

Until recently, this has been entirely reliant on human vision, spacial awareness, and city planners. In other words – a very non-technical approach to parking has been the only approach to parking.

By adding cutting-edge IoT technologies to the mix, the age-old problem can be rectified. So why not make life easier using the tools at hand?
It's the only rational thing to do.
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The Story
Our story began at a dinner party. And you know how parties go – one moment you're talking about the weekend plans, the next minute you're discussing the world's problems.

At that dinner party, we discussed parking – the eternal problem of large cities. We talked about how the difficulty to find free parking spots loads the streets with unnecessary vehicles and frustrated drivers.

That's when the idea of smart parking sensors was born. Over time, this idea flourished into Parkdroid.

When creating Parkdroid, we had two rules. First, it had to be functional and help people find free parking spots around them. And two, it had to be user-friendly and let people access the information in an easy way.

Fast-forward to present-day, Parkdroid has grown into a mature business with users in 13 different countries.
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10 years of engineering experience in one team. And on top of that, true motivation to make cities smarter and less hectic.
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